Practice Management Accelerated: Client Service, Wellness & Technology

  • Event Date: March 29, 2017
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The Columbus Centre (Get Directions)
901 Lawrence Ave West
Toronto, ON

Member's Cost: $25.00     Non-Member's Cost: $85.00

Forum registration to come.

Accreditation pending.

Speakers:  Ian Hu and Ray LeClair (LawPro)

Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company

Counsel, Claims Prevention and PracticePro



This practice management seminar focuses on improving professionalism in your practice. Bring your skills up to date with meeting client service goals, maintaining wellness, and using technology. Gain insights from neuroscience, best practices regarding client service, and successfully manage conflicting work and life priorities.



TIME: 120 minutes




Wellness (30 mins)


Day to day stresses and how to deal with them (10 mins)

  • Conflicting home and work priorities
  • Running a business and a law practice
  • Damaging behaviours lead to addiction
  • Dealing with technology
  • To err is human (lawyer character traits)
  • Pessimism (lawyer character traits)
  • Collegiality
  • Vicarious trauma
  • Difficult clients


Recognizing when I need help (5 mins)

  • What are the signs
  • What should I do


Recognizing when fellow lawyers need help (5 mins)

  • What are the signs
  • What should I do
  • When I’m responsible for others’ work


Coping strategies for lawyers (5 mins)

  • Find meaning
  • Fail better
  • Practice non-attachment
  • Honing skills
  • Don’t check out – limit your time


Resources (5 mins)

  • LSUC – Contingency planning
  • Member Assistance Program – e-counseling, etc.
  • LAWPRO – Mentorship booklet


Neuroscience & Client service (30 mins)


Communications & malpractice claims (5 mins)


Managing decision fatigue (10 mins)

  • What the studies have found
  • How it applies to clients
  • Best practices

Using anchoring effect (10 mins)

  • Examples of anchoring effect
  • How clients perceive expectations
  • Managing client expectations


Similarity bias (10 mins)

  • Being a likeable lawyer
  • Similarity is not sameness
  • Matching body language, vocabulary, voice


Mnemonics (5 mins)

Tech apps and tips (15 mins)

Top apps and websites (5 mins)

Productivity tech tips (10 mins)

  • Managing time/work flow
  • Managing emails

Real Estate, technology, client  satisfaction(30 mins)

            Manage client and lender expectations (5 mins)

            Technology and risk (10 mins)

  • What clients expect with online communications
  • Using web portals
  • Managing risk

Malpractice claims (15 mins)

  • Communications
  • Inadequate investigation
  • Missed deadlines
  • Improper delegation
  • Fees
  • cyber dangers

Rule 48 Update (5 mins)

Questions (10 mins)